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Who We Are

Wesmart is a young and vibrant Health Insurance Underwriting Agency focusing on the delivery of holistic and well-priced solutions for both the private Individual, family and all sizes of employer groups.

The healthcare landscape in South Africa is complex, intimidating and in a lot of cases inaccessible for a large majority of people. The supply and demand principles are completely skewed in favour of certain groups and this leaves massive gaps that needs to be filled. There is little co-operation between the state and the private sector in building these bridges which allows companies like Wesmart to become adopters and move towards becoming leaders in the health insurance market sector.

Wesmart has identified the need for the active lifestyle consumers and employer groups to be able to insure themselves and or their staff against the continuously escalating costs of healthcare in South Africa. Access to healthcare has always been for the select few who could afford the high costs of medical aid. It is with this in mind that Wesmart provides you with a product range which caters for most healthcare demands in a controlled and affordable manner. The rand / benefit ratio is extremely well balanced and policy holders can expect to receive effective cover for their hard earned money.

Demarcation of Health Insurance Regulations

Please take note that amendments to the Short Term Insurance Act are currently underway. The proposed amendments may impact the product offering in question.

We are busy consulting with our Compliance and Insurance partners regarding the most recent draft notice that was published the 28th October 2016. We assure you that we have adopted a pro-active approach to the changes and will ensure that offering adheres to the requirements of the legislation. We will keep you informed of our position and will ensure that all stakeholders are kept informed of any developments.

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