Golden Hour Plan

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Monthly Premiums

Rates above are for Individuals, per member per month. If you are a member as part of a Group/ Company, your rate may be different.


R155 PM

Adult Dependent

R155 PM

Child Dependent

R50 PM


Accident Cover

R225 000 per policyholder per
event, limited to R1 000 000
per policy per annum

Illness Benefit

No Benefit


ICU Benefit: for Illness only

No Benefit

Shortfall Benefit

No Benefit

Post-Accident Rehabilitation

R10 000 per member per

Emergency Stabilisation

R15 000 per member per

In-hospital Maternity Benefit

No Benefit

Casualty Benefit for Accidents

R30 000 per accident event
and accumulates to overall
Accident Cover limit,
irrespective of admission


Casualty Benefit for Illness

No Benefit

GP Consultations

2 consultations per member
per annum


Out-of-Network Consultations

No Benefit


In-Room Procedures



Pharmacy Clinic Nurse Care

3 visits per member per


Specialist Consultations

No Benefit


Acute Medication

R1 500 per beneficiary per
annum for acute medication
and OTC. Max R190 script


Over-the-Counter Medication (OTC)

Forms part of Acute
Medication benefit

Chronic Medication

No Benefit


No Benefit


No Benefit


No Benefit


No Benefit


Hospital Footprint

At Wesmart, we have strong relationships with all the private hospitals. Our largest shareholder owns Africa Health Care.
Follow this link to find an Africa Health Care hospital near you:
Pre-Authorisation is required required for all hospital admissions on 010 599 1172.

Value Added Benefits
24-hour Emergency Medical Services

24-hour cover for private ambulances and emergency medical evacuation in the event of
emergencies. Pre-authorisation required (not available on the Primary Standard Option)

Personal Health Advisor

Telephonic consultations with clinically trained Personal Health Advisors available 24/7.
You can call them for trauma counselling, general medical advise, Covid advice or any
ailments or concerns you may have about your health.

Accidental Death Benefit

A lump sum payout in the event of the death of a member.

Pharmacy Clinic Nurse-Based Care
Nurse-Based Care

Care from qualified nurses at over 700 pharmacy Wellness Clinics. Visit them in store at
your convenience or book an appointment for a consultation. Nurses will give you a
medical referral if necessary.

Available at all contracted Mediscor Pharmacies, including Dischem Clicks, Medirite etc.
Pre- authorisation is required after 10th visit.

General Member Wellness

• Glucose and Cholesterol screening / testing / monitoring.
• Treatment of wounds.
• Administration of injections, including annual flu injection.
• Hb, Malaria and Urine Screening.
• Syringing of ears.
• Advice on how to best manage your status and health.

Women's Health

Caring advice women can rely on, offering all types of female health assessments such as
pregnancy testing, breast screening, pap smear testing and other female screenings.

Assistance Managing Chronic Conditions

Nurses will help you manage your chronic condition and assist you with monitoring and
advice, including but not limited to:
• Diabetes Hba1C and foot screening.
• Blood pressure and lipogram testing, BMI monitoring.
• Peak flow and nebulization. Control asthma by getting rescue medication
directly into the lungs.
• HIV screening, testing and counselling: Learn your HIV status and get psycho
logical help after testing positive. A counselling session is offered pre-testing
as well.