The Well Balanced Solution

Overall Annual Limit

R750 000

Individual Premium

R1 131

Family of 3 Premium

R1 576

Family of 5 Premium

R1 874

Docsure Intermediate Benefits

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Hospital Footprint 
National Private / State facilitated by Africa Assist.
Maternity Benefit
A sub-limit of R18 000 per policy per annum for confinement, includes 3 Pre-natal consultations refunded at R750 each.
Illness Benefit Includes All Ward Fee Structures
Day 1: R6 000
Day 2: R5 000
Day 3-6: R3 000
Day 7 Onwards: R1 500 per day to a limit of R37 000 per event.
Hospital Booster
A sub-limit of R15 000. Paid out at R1 750 per day. Limited to 2 events per annum.
Treating And Admitting Practitioners
Maximum of R6 500 per event for treating and admitting practitioners.
Anaesthetic Benefit
Maximum of R4 000 per event for anaesthetic practitioners.
Radiology and Pathology (In and out of hospital)
R6 000 per policy per annum. R1 000 excess per scan and R500 excess for blood tests.

Network Providers

PAMC Africa Assist.
GP Consultations
3 consultations per beneficiary per annum. Dispensing GP reimbursement paid at R650 per consultation and non-dispensing GP reimbursement paid at R650 per consultation.
Out Of Network Consultations
2 consultations refunded at R250 per policy.

Specialist Consultations

Individual Option: 1 consultation refunded at R650.
Family Option 3: 2 consultations refunded at R650 each.
Family Option 5: 3 consultations refunded at R650 each.
Acute Medication
Individual Option: R900.
Family Option 3: R1 500.
Family Option 5: Limited to R2 200 per policy per annum. Up to a maximum of R200 per script.
Chronic Medication (Per CDL)
Individual Option: R1 500.
Family Option 3: R2 000.
Family Option 5: Limited to R3 000 per policy per annum. Up to a maximum of R300 per script.
Basic Dentistry
R600 as a combined benefit for consultations, Fillings, X-Rays and Extractions, including Scale and Polish, 2 Emergency Root Canal at R400 each, 2 Crowns at R500 each and in chair Wisdom Teeth at R750, per beneficiary per annum.
All activities for optometry services including (eye test, 1  consultation, frames and lenses up to R750) Or contact lenses up to R750 every 24 months per beneficiary.
24 Hour Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
Through Africa Assist. Telephone: 010 599 1172
Casualty Benefit (Accident Only)
R3 000 per policy per annum.

Accidental Death Benefit
R15 000 (Principal and Spouse)

Total Permanent Disability
R15 000 (Principal Only)

Premium Waiver
Actual premium held as a credit for 6 months.

Personal Health Advisor
Clinically trained consultant available 24/7.

Legal Compliance

Wesmart Financial and Administration Solutions (Pty) Ltd is an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP: 45769) Underwriting Agency for GENRIC Insurance Company Limited (FSP: 43638). GENRIC is an authorised Financial Services Provider and registered Short-term insurer.

Contact Info

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