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Health Insurance is proving an invaluable and affordable employee benefit solution

Offering health insurance as an employee benefit is generally one of the most effective steps

Health Insurance Options For 2022

Health insurance provider, Wesmart has seen a 400% uptake in membership in the past eighteen

Health Insurance for Your Golden Hour of Need

Living in a time when crime and uncertainty are front and center in our lives,

Health Insurance Options For 2021

Health insurance solutions are increasingly in demand by consumers who simply cannot afford the high

Health Insurance is increasingly part of employee benefits landscape

Given the current economic trajectory in SA’s post-COVID-19 economy, many consumers and employers are facing

Health Insurance Provides Affordable Access to Quality, Private Healthcare

Only a small proportion of SA’s population of almost 58 million can afford private medical

Preventative Health Screenings Avoided Due to Lack of Financial Access

A lack of access to primary healthcare due to financial constraints is leaving millions of